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   NEWS..  The fear of the wall in the North east corner has finally happened . During the very High winds mid week  on the 14th -to 15th the
tree has finally snapped and the stone work has collapsed. And as can be seen in the pictures the remaining part is also ready to collapse. The position was assessed by the Cemeteries Department and the site will have to be closed on safety grounds. As the site is now scheduled permission to make safe the site has to given by HES. Once the permission has been granted it will allow the Cem.Dept. To lay over several headstone to make them safe. Then permission is required to put up safety fencing. With deep regret we have to close the site until further notice. Which means a loss of revenue during the season. But better safe than sorry. We will keep the web page updated as soon as we hear of any changes. 
  EVENING SERVICE. This years service took place in dry weather a lovely evening with a the luxury of recorded music for the hymns and a great chorus from the birds who sang along with us.    
Early steps are always the slowest and can be disheartening. Two bids were put in for Your place and Community awards but unfortunately were unsuccessful. While it is disheartening at the time we remind ourselves that for every successful bid made by Logieogg in the early days there were two or three unsuccessful bids so we try again. Other bids for funding are currently in preparation and hopefully fairly soon we will have some positive news.A small exhibition illustrating each of he 18 sites has been prepared . It was launched at the Smith Museum in May and will be visiting other areas over the summer to raise awareness of the condition of some of these Historic sites
                                                                VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION
   New data protection legislation comes into effect on 25th May this year and i have already e.mailed members and new readers about this.
In effect as far as Logieogg is concerned the legislation will effect the distribution of the news letter. So far 34 of you have responded saying that you wish to continue receiving our news, and your names and e-mail addresses are now on our list. For those of you who have not yet responded can I ask that you re-register your e-mail with us as soon as possible . Or if you receive the news by post give me a phone on 01786 475414 or write to 7 Easter Cornton Road Stirling FK9 5ER to have your address retained on the postal list.
   To conform to the new legislation if I have not heard from you by
10th May I am required to remove your details from our system and this will be the last news letter that you will receive. We hope that we will have your continued support.   

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Newsletter No. 68