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NEWSLETTER No. 71 October 2018
WHAT IS A SCIO. A SCIO is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation, A new form of Charity Registration by OSCR which offers Greater protection for office bearers and easier administration. It was not available to us when we set up in 2007 but it is possible for us to move from our existing Trust status to a SCIO within a few weeks of transition. For most of us things will remain the same except SCIO will appear after the name on all documents. 

UPDATE. As you all know from our reports and newsletters we have had a difficult year and there will be problems ahead as we try to raise funding for the wall repairs. With this in mind there has had to be serious consideration as to the future of the group. To wind up at this stage would mean the return of the site to its previous condition , but to maintain it at its present standard will require an increased input and perhaps a different way of working, spreading the workload across a larger group of members.

After due consideration and discussion of the options, the trustees decided that to become a SCIO was the best option which would hopefully encourage some new people who are interested in local history and heritage to join us. This proposal was put to those who attended the AGM on 29th October ,and the recommendation and the new constitution were accepted unanimously. The necessary forms were signed and the new Logieogg SCIO should come into being before the end of the year once the necessary paperwork has been completed.

We are sorry that Rev. Ruth Halley felt that her position as minister of Logie she had a heavy workload and that she would not be able to accept the position of chair, but we thank her for her work and support during the past year and hope that we can continue to have the interest and support of the people of Logie.

We are however delighted that Murray Cook has agreed to take the chair for an initial period.For those of you who do not know Murray he is Stirling Council's archaeologist and has  put Stirling on the archaeology map. He has just been awarded a Provost's award for his work in the area and the sharp eyed among you will have spotted him on his recent TV appearance on BBC2. He has a wealth of knowledge about the area and is very supportive of all our work . He is an excellent speaker and regularly presents interesting talks about the local area. He has recently taken over a weekly column in the Stirling Observer. We are very lucky to have Murray join us and we are looking forward to exciting and challenging times ahead under his chairmanship. It must be noted that Murray is joining us as a private individual and NOT as a representative of Stirling Council. While he my use his expertise and offer advice he will abstain from any vote of which there could be a conflict of interest.
We are also delighted that Archie Purdie is joining us and will be taking over much of the site work administration previously done by Joe.
Catriona Stuart and Eleanor will remain as joint secretaries with Catriona dealing with correspondence and Eleanor doing genealogical enquires and newsletters which will allow Joe to continue with the web site and Ronnie remains treasurer.. Keeping these offices as with the original group will allow for continuity during the change over period but future changes will be made by election at future AGMs.
Membership fees for the group will remain at 10 annually to be paid between AGM and January . Once the new Charity number is issued membership cards will be issued as soon as possible.
It is planned to have a social evening for members in the early new year at which plans for the year can be discussed over some refreshments. We can get to know each other and Murray a bit better, and hope that he will resent one of his talks about our local area. There has been no date or venue set as yet , but this will follow in the New Year newsletter.
THE WALL Since the safety fencing went up on September we have taken the first steps towards the repair of the wall. A team from Historic Environment Scotland have visited the site with the Cemeteries Officer to assess the situation and look at what funding might be available towards the repair. A Conservation Structural Engineer has visited to assess the best way in which to complete the repairs, his team then came out to take measurements and prepare drawings .We await their report. Once the report is available we will be able to go forward and collect the three estimates of costs necessary for funding applications. An initial application has already been submitted to one funding organisation and we await their decision regarding a full application. This is a long slow process but we will work on it over the winter months and hope that by the spring we may have some good news

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