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News Letter JUNE 2024


Alexander Douglas was minister at Logie between 1688 and 1720
His father,the eminent Edinburgh minister ROBERT DOUGLAS had preached at the Scottish coronation of Charles 11 at Scone following the Restoration, and held the position of Moderator of the Church of Scotland on five occasions. He was well connected being reputed to be a grandson of Mary Queen of Scots through George Douglas of Loch Leven. While he never referred to the matter, it was quoted by many of his contemporaries and recorded by Gilbert Burnet, Bishop of Salisbury (1643-17150 in his historical writings. Without specific proof  however it remains an interesting legend which interests visitors and tourists prarticularly from overseas.

On his appointment to Logie in 1688, Alexander Douglas began his Ministry in Blairlogie, waiting for a new manse to be provided b the heritors. Ten years later there was still no manse, but the heritors agreed that if he built the house himself, they would reimburse him in three instalments. Only two of the promised payments were made, and as a permanent reminder of the debt, Dcouglas had a stone cast with his crest and an inscription recording his part of the payment. The stone was then set in a prominent position above the front door of the house to be seen by all who passed.

In 1803 when Sir Robert Abercromby enclosed the Airthrey Estate and the manse was demolished the stone was taken and set into the wall of the Old Kirk for safekeeping.
Unfortunately over the years weather has eroded the crest. although part of the inscription remains clear to read. At the beginning of this year we secured 1,500 funding from Clackmannanshire and Stirling Environment Trust to allow a replica to be carved in oak. This will be kept in the watch hut and go out on display during open Days; very exciting news for us all at Logieogg.
We expect that we will have the replica ready for it to be unveiled on the same day as the summer service, Sunday 8th September at 3pm and hope that there will be a good attendance that afternoon to admire the work our wood carver has done for us. More details will follow.
Anyone who would still like to ake a donation toward the final cost of the memorial can do so through the QR code..